Real Food

Real food nourishes, fake, hyper-prossessed food makes us sick. Join me to learn about real food and how to cook from scratch.

Science Project? – Sweet Rolls

How long before Sweet Hawaiian Rolls spoil? Three days?  They should last longer than that, right?  Five days?  A week? I know that if I bake bread at home it doesn’t last very long. Within a few days it begins to mold and I have to toss it out.  BUT… how long will my sweet…

Small changes in habits can have great results

Small changes can change your health for the better. Diet Exercise Hydration Mindfulness Over the next few weeks we will discuss small changes you can make with every blog post. Systematically we will eliminate things that hurt you and add things that help you. Are you ready to feel better? Ready to get healthier? Ready…

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Melt-on-your-tongue-delicious. You have to try it to believe it. So good and diabetic-friendly. Amazing!

Healthy Waffles

Diabetic-friendly and delicious. No artificial sweeteners.