Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding – less sugar, less carbs but keep the creamy, rich flavor.

Lentil Soup

Lentils are incredibly healthy and often under-appreciated. Try Lentil Soup and fall in love with this powerful superfood.


I feel it is of vital importance for people to know what I am about to tell you.

Tech-challenged – Not me, right?

Tech-challenged – Not me! … So I thought. Over the years I have prided myself on the fact that I’ve kept up with new technology that entered our life. I’ve generally embraced the new and exciting world that new tech opened up to us.  Lately, however, I do have to admit, it has gotten to…

About Reality

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We cover our pain under several layers of other emotions, sometimes we are afraid of the truth and the eyes of reality. Only when we learn to live with the pain and excepting reality, we can be stronger, because we accept life as it is.

Hot Chocolate – Healthier

When the weather is hostile outside, treat yourself to delicious Hot Chocolate. Healthier, lower-carb, diabetic-friendly.