About my Recipes


Food is…

Needed for survival,

Central to our life,

The seat of our soul,

Something we gather around,

The way we relate to others,

What we enjoy most,

The way to a man’s heart.


All around the world, people have a strong relationship with food. It is pivotal in many cultures, important in our life. Being able to enjoy food gives us a sense of well-being.

Like most people, I love food – almost any food. Being in the company of family and friends while sharing good home-cooked southern food on a warm summer evening in the backyard is a special delight.

Some of my favorites are sweet, white dinner rolls, soft and warm. mmmmm … Heavenly. But as I said, I love almost all foods…  I love well-flavored, perfectly cooked meats, the yummiest of vegetables, and I adore the most luscious desserts. – And if I don’t watch it, my waistline adores them too.

When I found out that my husband has diabetes, at first, our thoughts went to all the things he (but really -> we) could no longer eat. To make things easier on him, I try to hold myself to the same meal guidelines that he follows. I can’t imagine eating dinner rolls while he looks on. It seemed like the list of what not to eat was longer than the list of what he could eat.

I have to admit, at first, it was a struggle to adjust. But as I began my research and tried out different recipes, I realised that the principles of a diabetic diet are healthy, applicable to almost anyone, and not as difficult to follow as I had feared.

So as a family we started on a journey to healthier eating.

I feel like I became an explorer, venturing out into new territory, finding interesting and tasty tidbits that are healthy. It has definitely become an adventure to learn how to cook all over and to adapt and amend old recipes to make them healthier.

I must admit, in the first week it was not easy. The first time I made Quinoa, my husband and I looked at each other across the dinner table with long faces and I thought, “Really? This is how we have to eat from now on? We’ll be chewing cardboard for the rest of our lives.” There is no way we would be able to stick to a diet this bland and plain.

Since that day I have tested a several recipes with Quinoa and both love it now. (I even learned how to pronounce it — after sounding like a food for a while. Hahaha)

It became my mission to explore and to find, test, and to invent recipes that we could enjoy — And my hope is that you, dear reader, will try and love these recipe and enjoy them not just because they are healthy, but because they are delicious.

I have tried and tested endless recipes and found some real winners. My plan is to use this blog to share the best ones with you, my reader.

Please keep in mind: These recipes are not just for diabetics (even though that is my focus). These recipes are for anyone who wants healthier, and/or wishes to lose weight.

These are recipes similar to the things my family used to eat and love, but are now adapted in ways that make them healthier.


In my recipes the focus is:

Food that is good and good for you.

  • Low or no sugar
  • Low or no fat
  • Lower in calories than their ‘regular’ recipe cousins
  • Low or no sodium
  • Low carb
  • Try to replace as many ‘bad’ carbs with ‘good’ carbs


Check out these recipes:

Photo May 24, 8 17 00 PM
Low-Calorie Strawberry Delight




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