Enjoy every Moment

Enjoy every Moment


“Wake up and smell the roses.”

We’ve all heard this before, but how often do we follow that particular advice?



Mindfulness helps us to be calmer, happier & healthier.

Life has us rushing through each day to make sure we get all things done on our agenda. Of course, it is important to be a  responsible, productive member of our families, and of society at large. But where is the time to enjoy life?

You might think you have no time for such things or you might think it is something you’ll do on the weekend.

I believe that life can also be enjoyed in the seemingly small moments if we are mindful of our surroundings. This morning, the rose in the image above waited to be noticed when I stepped outside. If I had just rushed by, I would have never noticed.

Life holds much beauty.

We need to be mindful to our surroundings in order to notice. 


Today, I would love to challenge you to be mindful when you step outside.

Perhaps you have to work on Sundays or you’re on your way to church, maybe you’re leaving to visit family, or it might be time to cut the grass. Regardless of what you’re about to do, take just one moment to look around and find something beautiful or interesting and allow your mind to take it in.

Is it raining? When you breathe in deeply, can you smell the rain? Are raindrops suspended from a drain or perhaps a drop is resting on a leaf.

Is the sun out? Are there flowers in bloom? Perhaps you see a bird looking for a worm or a bug scurry under a rock.

Take a moment, breathe in deeply, allow your mind and your soul to take in the beauty of life around you.

It is just one small moment in time but the benefits of mindfulness can last all day through and result in a calmer, happier, healthier you.

Enjoy every moment.

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