Happy Memorial Day

To Remember on Memorial Day
Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 10.47.37 AM


I wish all of you a most wonderful day with family and friends. I hope you will enjoy cookouts and  potlucks on a warm-sun-filled-swimming-pool kind of day.

As I prepare the (turkey) burgers and set out the red ketchup, cut white onion and set them on a blue plate, I am reminded of what this day really means.

Is it a day to cook out with loved ones? Yes, for sure!

Aren’t we lucky we can do so while flying the Red-White-and-Blue?

We have the freedom to celebrate when and what we wish, as we wish, how and where we wish because someone sacrificed their life for our freedom.

Someone … gave his or her life… to make it possible for us to live our life freely. Many of those who fought for our freedom lost their life doing so. And countless families have an empty spot at their cookout and a hole in their heart that will never be filled because their loved one did not come home.

I hope we all remember that Memorial Day is about those who gave all so we would have the freedom to live our life and freely follow our own destiny.

I hope you watched the video above and I hope that it made you reflect, as it did me.  I hope you and all who see it remember how lucky we are to have the Freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

May we treasure our Freedom and remember that Freedom is not free.



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