Herbs and Fairies

Using herbs when cooking is a delicious as well as a healthy way to enhance the taste of food naturally. Herbs are also used medicinally and in aromatherapy.

Photo Jun 04, 3 01 24 PMI’ve started growing herbs many years ago and have generally found them uncomplicated and easy to care for. Growing an herb garden has been a forever-changing, ever-growing labor of love. If you’ve ever brushed past a few sprigs of Lavender or Mint in the early morning hours, you most likely know what a pleasure herbs can be.

Herbs have something mystical, almost magical about them. Their many scents are divine. Herbs are used to heal the body and balance us emotionally. In addition, culinary herbs taste delicious, are filled with antioxidants. They will delight all your senses. Herbs are powerhouses in beneficial properties. They can lessen pain, they work as antiseptics, and some have even been found to aid in curing cancers. There are too many benefits to list in detail in this article. But I promise to write more about herbs in future articles and show you the many ways we can use them and how they can benefit us.

I encourage you to grow herbs for their many benefits as well as delights. They are easy to grow, can be grown almost anywhere: in a garden, on a balcony or even on a window sill. They are not finicky and do not need much time or attention. Their needs are fairly simple. Most herbs just need soil, sunshine and water. They are carefree, pretty little plants that are easy to tend to and have countless benefits.

I do not remember the day I began herb gardening. It started slowly, one herb at a time. Since then I have been studying herbs and learning hands-on how to grow and use a great variety of them. I have a world of knowledge about these wonderful plants and look forward to sharing it with you.

Photo Jun 04, 3 05 25 PMIn recent years my herbs and my fairy garden mingled and became my herb-fairy garden. It is a visual delight and much fun to all who visit. Who said herbs need to be delegated to the corner of a yard? Not these little pretties!

In this segment I will post articles about:

  • Herbs and their beneficial properties
  • How to grow and tend to herbs.
  • How to preserve herbs.
  • How to use them in cooking, cleaning, and personal care.

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