Keep Celery Fresh

A penny saved is a penny earned!

When I purchase fresh celery, I seldom use all of it immediately. I break off the stalks I need and save the rest for another day.  But, if not kept properly, celery becomes soft and goes limp after a short time.

What can I do to keep celery fresh and crisp?

I have heard and read countless tips on the topic. Some people say to wrap it in aluminum foil, others say it is best to cut and submerge celery in water.

I found that the easiest way to keep celery fresh is to simply give it what it likes:  Water

Place your celery stalk in a cup with a little water (1/2 inch or so) and then cover the top of the stalk with a large plastic bag and place it in your fridge. Celery will keep fresh and crispy like this for a couple of weeks.

Bonus: Placing celery front and center keeps it very visible in the fridge and helps me remember to use it.  I sneak it into all sorts of recipes, adding extra nutrition and richer flavor to main and side dishes. (If I finely chop celery in the food processor, not even my pickiest eater notices.)

A stalk of celery, covered with a plastic bag and placed in a cup that has these words written on it: "Love you to the moon and back".
Keep celery fresh for longer


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