Preparing and Storing Dried Herbs


Preserving Herbs

The image shows a basket filled with dried mint sprigs on a granite counter top.
Learn how to prepare and store mint.

How to prepare and store your dried mint and other herbs.

Recently I discussed how to grow, harvest and dry herbs. Once your herbs are dried, you will want to prepare them to be stored.

Simple Steps to prepare and store mint and other herbs:

  • Wash a pair of sharp scissors, a glass jar, and lid in hot soapy water or in dishwasher. Rinse and dry all items thoroughly.
  • Make sure your herbs are well dried. You will notice they are crips and rustle when touched.
  • Gently take herbs off drying rack or drying line and place on a fairly flat surface (basket or cookie sheet will do fine).
  • Using your clean scissors, cut the leaves from stems. It is better to use a scissor than fingers to pull off leaves as the oils from your hand will transfer to the herbs and may crush tender leaves.
  • Place the whole leaves into a jar, making sure not to crush them. Crushing the leaves will release essential oils, aroma and scent. You don’t want to crush the leaves until you use them.
  • Store leaves in clean, dry, labeled, tightly closed jar.
  • Place your jar in a dark, cool place (pantry, cabinet, closet, basement etc.)
Dried mint in glass jar, labeled and decorated, on a granite counter with a basket of dried mint in the background.
Dried Mint in Jar Follow link to a short educational YouTube Video.

YouTube Video about preserving mint.



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