Plan your meals one week at a time

Save Time and Money by Planning Your Meals

Last week I encouraged you to eat at home because it is healthier for you and better for your pocket book.

Cooking fresh at home takes a little more effort but if you plan it well, you won’t spend much extra time and you will be healthier as a result.

I gave you a list of tips about how you can cook fresh, save time and save money.  As promised, we will cover the points on the list in more detail.

How can I cook at home, eat healthy and save $ when I have little time?

1. Plan your meals, one week at a time.

  • A) Look at weekly store flyers to see what’s on sale
  • B) Buy fresh food in season whenever possible
  • C) Create a meal-plan according to what is in season and on sale
  • D) See what’s on hand in your home
  • E) Write a grocery list and stick to it
  • F) Cut coupons or save coupons with store apps to save $
  • G) If you like, shop online and pick groceries up at your favorite store. They will be packed and ready to go. The service is usually free and available at many stores

A) Look at weekly store flyers to see what’s on sale.

Look at your weekly grocery store flyers before you plan your meals for the week. It will show you the produce in season and the specials for the upcoming week. Take note of the sales and use them when you create your meal plan.

Grocery Store Flyers

Where do you find flyers and savings?

  1. Local newspaper sales and coupon inserts.
  2. In the mail or dropped in driveway.
  3. Online: Just about all grocery stores are online. Type the name of your favorite grocery store into Google search. Find the store in the list that comes up. You usually have to type in your zip code. Once you find the proper store, create an account and you will be able to see your store sales. You can create shopping lists just by clicking, and save coupons from the site directly to your shopping / savings card*. Have the cashier scan the card and the savings will add up at check-out.
  4. Phone App: Download the store app to your cell phone. Create an account or log in.  You can see the weekly flyers and save coupons with your app on your phone. At the check-out you can have the cashier scan your shopping card or the UPC that shows on your phone and the savings will be yours.
  5. If you have Amazon Prime you can save with your Prime account if you shop at Whole Foods Market. Download the app to your phone and follow the directions. Many foods will be available to you at a discounted price.

* Note:

Shopping / Savings Cards:

Most of you are probably aware that many grocery stores and pharmacies will give you a shopping / savings card free. The savings the store offers often only apply if you have the cashier scan the store shopping / savings card.

Next time:

Why buy fresh produce in season whenever possible.


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