Facets of Living Healthier and Happier

The Many Facets of

Living Healthier and Happier

Physical Wellness

  • Actively attain and maintain a healthy way of life to improve your quality of life if possible.
  • Realize you are in control of your own behavior, impulses and actions.
  • Know that you can impact your wellness in a positive way by adopting healthful habits.
  • Focus on healthy nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.
  • Maintain routine doctor’s visits.
  • Avoid destructive habits like smoking, alcohol in excess, and illegal drugs.

Internal Wellness – Inner Awareness

  • Emotional

    • Learn to understand yourself.
    • Learn to find ways to cope with the challenges life can bring.
    • Learn to recognize and share internal feelings (like sadness, anger, happiness, joy).
    • Learn to recognize stress and find ways to relieve it.
  • Social

    • Learn to relate to and connect with other people in your environment.
    • Learn to form and maintain positive relationships with others.
  • Spiritual

    • Find ways to establish peace and harmony in your life.
    • Recognize your personal path through life.
    • Find a common purpose, a sense of unity or higher purpose that binds creation together.

Wellness of our Environment

  • Realize as stewards of this planet, we have a responsibility to tend to our environment.
  • Become aware that we are responsible for our world, for the quality of the air, water, flora, fauna and the land we inhabit.
  • Recognize that we have have an impact on our environment — good and/or bad.
  • Know that the health of our planet ultimately means our own wellness too.

Personal Fulfillment

  • Occupational

    • Feel a sense of fulfillment from our chosen line of work, may it be your chosen career, tending to loved ones, or take part in volunteer work.
    • Recognize that most of us like to feel part of something meaningful.
    • Feel satisfaction by contributing to society.
    • Have a positive impact on the world around you.
  • Intellectual

    • Allow your expression of self through your openness of mind.
    • Feel free to expand on your knowledge.
    • Seek challenges.
    • Expand your horizons.
    • Pursue life-long learning.
  • Financial

    • Seek to find stability and satisfaction with your financial state.
    • Pay down bills.
    • Learn to budget.
    • Save and invest in your future.
    • Spend wisely.

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