Your Body is Your Temple


Are We Building a Temple or a Shack?

We only have one body to last our whole life, right?

But how do we treat it?


For much of my life I’ve taken good health for granted.

Should I have? — Of course not!


Why is it that at times we don’t treasure something until we lose it?

Do you think about how great your nose works? Not until it is stuffy, right?

We may not think twice before eating another donut until we step on the scale, or worse, our doctor tells us we need to watch what we eat. And then… perhaps we watch what we eat carefully … as we watch another donut makes its way where the first two landed.

We may prefer to watch our favorite TV show because it is way more fun than heading outside in frigid weather to walk.  (That is so me!)


How much thought, time and effort do you put into keeping your body healthy?

For myself, I feel like I don’t do enough and I could definitely do more.


The other day an old tale came to mind that illustrates my thoughts perfectly.


The Tale of Three Little Pigs.

Yes, I am serious. You’ll see, the tale fits.

The three little pigs learned a lesson about building a house.

In the story, as you recall, three little pigs set off to make their own way in the world. Pig One went off to build a house of straw, Pig Two built a house of sticks and Pig Three built a house of stone. We all know the story, right? The wolf came along and blew down the house of straw and the house of sticks, But even though he tried, he could not blow down the house of bricks.

Building a house of bricks surely took more time, energy, and resources but ultimately it was much stronger and kept the pigs safe.


It is similar with our body – our temple – our house.

I had to ask myself:

Am I building a house of straw, sticks or stones?

Am I putting time, energy and resources into building a strong body?

Am I doing all I can to withstand the ‘big bad wolf’ of disease?


When reading The Three Little Pigs I might ask a young child “Do you think it was wiser to build a house of straw or a house of bricks?”

I asked myself: Do I feel this way about my body?  How about you?


You may wonder…

What does it take to build a stronger body?

Some may say:

“You either have it or you don’t.”

“I wasn’t born with it.”

“The odds are stacked against me.”

“I am already dealing with problems like heart disease, diabetes… “

“I can’t afford it.”

We can make up a thousand excuses.


I would say Step 1 is::

Desire to build a stronger, healthier body.


Remember, the three little pigs didn’t start out with a house.

They didn’t simply inherit their property.

They had to work to build their homes but each one chose a different way.

If you started out building a house bricks:  Good for you! Keep doing what works for you.

If you started out building with straw, who says you can’t make it stronger?

old farmhouse

Perhaps it is time to rebuild a stronger you.

I believe it’s never too late to do something good, improve some habits and build stronger, healthier bodies and minds.


What kind of house were you building before today?

  • Fast Food or no food?
  • Eating more restaurant food than home-cooked meals?
  • Who counts calories?
  • Fry it up, man!
  • Who has time for meals at home?
  • Vegetables, what are those?
  • Skipping meals then over-eating?
  • Crash diets?
  • Processed foods is the main staple?
  • Working more and more?
  • More overtime than family time?
  • No time to exercise?
  • No time to relax, no time with family and friends?
  • …. I could go on and on…


It is time to take steps to a healthier future –

a healthier you.

Together we can encourage each other to be mindful and choose good, strong building blocks.

I strongly believe…

  1. It is never too late to start living healthy.
  2. It just takes one brick, one step at a time.
  3. A brick house has many bricks but you start building with just one.
  4. A strong house is not built over night.
  5. Living healthier can become a way of life.
  6. Living healthier will make you feel better and enjoy your life more.


So, do not stress! We will take it one step at a time.


Every day I will post ONE way you can live healthier.

Follow my blog and we will make this journey together.

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