Benefits of Bone Broth – The Super Food

Bone Broth is SUPER Healthy


In this article:

  • What is Bone Broth?
  • Information about this super food
  • How Bone Broth healed and kept us from getting the flu
  • My Bone Broth Recipe
  • Links to get more detailed information about the amazing properties of Bone Broth


What is Bone Broth?

Bone Broth, seriously? You may think it sounds crazy or even disgusting. My family heard the name and immediately decided there was NO WAY they would try it. But… (shh…you can’t tell them) I make them eat it and they have NO IDEA. I sneak the good stuff into their food and they are clueless.

Sneaky? Sadly, yes, but you see… I have to sneak Bone Broth into their diet because it is SO INCREDIBLY healthy for everyone.

Some of you may think it is a new thing, a fad, perhaps invented by crazy hippies. However, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Bone broth has been a staple since ancient history. This special food has nourished our ancestors who lived off the land, hunted their food and cooked over open fires. In those days, resources were scarce, and all parts of edible animals and plants were used, nothing was thrown away.

I found a recipe for bone broth in an old German Cookbook and is called “Knochenbruehe.”  I’ve known about it all my life, but never gave it much thought. It was sort of the way we all hear things but take them with a ‘grain of salt’, like:

“Chicken Soup is good for the soul.” or

“If you have a cold or the flu, Mom’s Old-Fashioned Chicken Soup is the best remedy.”

I am sure you’ve heard similar things. We smile, shrug, and eat it, mainly to make mom happy, right?

Turns out the old sayings were correct.

We now know that there are scientific reasons why chicken soup and bone broth are so beneficial.  And yes, by all means, if you’re feeling under the weather, eat Mom’s Old-fashioned Chicken Soup … and not just if you’re under the weather. Eat bone broth any time you can get your hands on it. The stuff is like gold.


Information about  – Bone Broth — Super Food!

A while ago in my search for healthier foods, I came across “bone broth” several times. I was curious and looked into what this broth is all about.

Bone Broth:

  • tastes great
  • is highly nutritious
  • is easy to digest
    • Joint Health
    • Gut Health
    • Skin
    • Hair
    • Detox
    • Immunity boost
    • Metabolism boost
    • … and more

Bone broth is prepared by using all sorts of animal parts (bones, skin, ligaments, organs), vegetables (carrots, onions), and spices and simmering them for a couple of days (yes, that is not a typo). The lengthy cooking process allows the ingredients to break down, freeing healing compounds (collagen, glycine, glutamine, proline… and more) which then seep into the broth, creating a rich, healing broth.

Bone broth is filled with minerals that help your body reduce inflammation. That’s the same reason why chicken soup is good for us when we are sick. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help us fight colds and the flu. Amazing, right?

I encourage you to read more about this incredibly healthy super food.  I will add links below so you can find out more about bone broth. The links below are informative, detailed, and convincing. The research that has been done is well-documented and the information made me understand why bone broth is healthy. But the experience USING Bone broth has made me a believer.

How Bone Broth healed and helped us fight the flu

Before I finish this article, I should tell you what has really made me a believer in this wonderful broth.

I’ve been making and freezing bone broth for a while and use it in my cooking like other people use broth. I also have made a supply of it for my son-in-law, who has hip joint issues. (I have to admit, I call it just ‘broth’ at home to not scare everyone away.) I’ve been a fan of this super liquid for a while, but the most amazing thing happened just recently that made me a true believer in the healing properties of this broth.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I picked our daughter up from the airport. When she walked off the plane she was shivering, running a fever. We drove home (90 minutes) and I tucked her into bed. After a sleepless, worrisome night with fevers reaching 103.6, I took her to the doctor the next morning. She was tested and we found out she had the flu. The next few days were spent feeding her chicken soup, bone broth, tea and fruit. I kept busy cleaning and tending to her while she was so very ill.

At the same time, my husband and I drank lots of warm bone broth. We ate chicken soup and I added bone broth to anything I could (vegetables, stew, soups). We ate vitamin-rich foods and took zinc, Elderberry- and Echinacea supplements.

It has been four days now that our daughter has been fever-free, and I am amazed to report that neither of us became infected with the flu virus so far. We did not have a flu shot but even after spending 90 minutes with a coughing, sneezing girl in the car, we did not contract the disease.

I attribute this in part to bone broth and its healing properties.

So, yes, I am a believer.

Bone Broth is tasty AND good for us.


My Bone Broth Recipe

Bone Broth Ingredients
Ingredients for Bone Broth

Delicious and nutritious, I create Bone Broth from the healthiest ingredients, right at home, in my crock pot. I like knowing what is in the broth. Follow the link to get directly to the recipe.

My Chicken Bone Broth Recipe Link

My Beef Bone Broth Recipe Link


Informative Links to learn more about Bone Broth

History of Bone Broth

Medical News Today about the Benefits of Bone Broth

Benefits of Bone Broth by Dr. Axe

Video about Benefits of Bone Broth by Dr. Mercola


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