Early Morning Harvest – Roast

Early Morning Harvest – Roast

This morning I walked through our garden to picked a few ripe veggies and herbs. I had no idea what kind of meal I would create with them. These veggies just happened to be the ones that needed to be picked and used. 

My goal:

  • Delicious
  • low-carb,
  • with lots of vegetables,
  • and diabetic-friendly
  • compliant with clean eating program *

I decided to slow cook a beef roast and use the veggies and herbs to cook along with it.

I am telling you, the scent was out of this world. This roast, slowly simmering in the crock-pot all afternoon made my mouth water. I couldn’t wait for dinner.

I am happy to report that the meal tasted even better than the promise of its tempting aroma. Delicious!

Harvest Roast

Garden Harvest Roast

Small grass-fed beef roast

4 small carrots

1 onion

Bunch of chives

2 cloves of garlic

4 sprigs of lovage (optional)

3 stalks celery



1 cup frozen bone broth

Salt and pepper your roast. Clean and chop all veggies and place into your crock pot. Add beef and bone broth. Set crock pot on high for 2 hours, turn down to medium and let simmer for another 3 hours. 

Settings and temperatures can vary with every crock pot. The size of roast will also play a role, so make sure you check your roast (and veggies) from time to time. I waited until the roast fell apart with a fork (but you may like it medium or medium rare).

Slice your beef and place on your cooked vegetables.

Clean eating made easy and yummy. 



This recipe is compliant with the 30-Day to Healthy Living Challenge. It follows all the standards of clean eating and can be used for the 30-Day Challenge. To learn more about this incredible, life-changing program, please send an email to funmimiblogs@gmail.com.

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