Making Soup from Scratch

During the colder times of the year I love to have a pot of homemade soup simmering on the back of the stove with the scent of comfort and a feel of home wafting through the house, welcoming family and friends.

Soul-warming soup is the perfect autumn or winter delight.

How do I make one of my favorite comfort foods of winter – soup?

The first step in creating outstanding soup from scratch is to make a delicious, wholesome base for your soup — by creating homemade broth.

I usually have broth on hand because when I make a large batch I freeze the broth in quart-sized mason jars. I take a jar or more of broth out of the freezer the day before I need it and defrost it in the fridge.

Why do I go through the trouble of making broth myself?

Broth, especially bone broth, has countless health benefits. And there is nothing as nutritious and nurturing to our soul as the food we create with thought, care, and love, using ingredients we hand-pick for goodness, quality, and safety.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, I really want to know what is in my food.

The First Step to Outstanding Soup

Make your own broth or bone broth from scratch like great-grandma used to make.

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  1. Soup! I make a pot every week and we have it for a supper and for lunches afterwards. It is so good to get in the habit of saving vegetable scraps to make your own stock, it adds flavor, is economical, and makes you feel good about what you are cooking. The freezing of the broth is a good tip.

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  2. Chris says:

    Thank you, Dorothy. You are so right! I love using vegetable scraps. The best broths and stocks also use animal parts that are usually discarded. Using every part of vegetable and meats is indeed economical. It makes a great flavored broth and is healthy. Win-Win. I love your carefully thought-out comments.


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