Little Things Can Mean So Much

With the holiday season upon us, we begin to think about which gifts we might give to the special people in our lives.

For some, this process becomes quite stressful. The money spent around the holidays increases every year and sadly, so do the demands and expectations.

However, when it comes to giving and receiving, it isn’t necessarily the size or type of gift, the amount spent, nor the day it is given that touches our hearts the most.

Yesterday our daughter, we call her Lil Bear, came home after a shopping trip and she said “I got something for you, Mom.” It wasn’t my birthday, no special occasion but she thought of me. That alone made me so very happy. Any parent out there knows how much that means.

So I opened the bag and had to smile from ear to ear. This is what I found:

It’s not about the gift. It is about the heart ❤️ that gives.

I love my Lil Bear 🐻 and wear my slippers with pride and joy. She thought of me and she knows what touches my heart. Her gift brings a smile to my face and warms my heart every time I look at my feet and every time I look at hers.

So, don’t stress, just remember:

Give with your heart and it will bring joy.

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  1. kagould17 says:

    The best gifts are the ones given with a kind heart. At this point in our lives, we have told our kids that it is not about the stuff, it is about time spent with loved ones and shared experiences. We are be glad to be almost immune to the Christmas money making machine. Cheers. Allan

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    1. Chris says:

      Thank you for your insightful comment, Allan.

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  2. Chris says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It is wonderful to see your words. You’re right, it definitely is not about stuff.

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  3. markbierman says:

    Isn’t that the best! That was a sweet gift from your daughter. I have two daughters and when they do these kinds of things, it just melts your heart.

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    1. Chris says:

      You’ve said that perfectly. “They melt your heart” indeed. It is wonderful you have two loving daughters too. Thank you for you comment, Mark.

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  4. Good words to remember Chris! Stress is the enemy of the holidays. We all want things to be “perfect” and we put unreasonable expectations on ourselves, not just about all the stuff, but getting everything “right” and done!

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    1. Chris says:

      That’s absolutely true. We are usually our worst critic. Ultimately love, warmth, kindness, and togetherness always wins out.


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