Technology — Pains & Benefits

Most of us are connected to our friends, family, and to our readers via computer or smart phone.

My laptop has had some problems recently and is in the shop currently to diagnose a hardware issue.

A few years ago that would have stopped me in my tracks but not today.

I miss my laptop of course, but technology today allows smooth transitions between computer and phone. I am grateful for those features because they allow me to still write short posts here, keep up with my business, and stay in touch with friends. Without syncing between phone and laptop it would be difficult to keep up with blogging and my business.

But I do feel the absence of my laptop. Everything I write takes much longer with my two finger system vs using all ten on the keyboard. The possibilities of what can be done on this blog, with business promotions and layouts are diminished somewhat but I am glad I can still keep in touch.

What I miss most is working on my children’s book. I was working on the final edit when the computer started having problems. Turning the computer with the story in to the shop was like giving my baby into someone’s care. I hope I get it back in the same condition I left it.

As soon as I get the laptop back I look forward to completing the final edit and moving to the next step: illustration. I am super excited about that.

I wish everyone a beautiful day.

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