The Perfect Cup of Mint Tea

When the wind is blowing and it’s cold outside, there is something comforting about sitting by the fire and warming ourselves inside and out.

A hot cup of mint tea is the perfect thing for cold winter days. It warms us, tastes delicious, and gives us a variety of nutrients and antioxidants to help ward off sickness.

To make the most aromatic mint tea, I use organic, loose, dried tea leaves. I happen to grow and dry mint myself but you can easily find good-quality organic tea at a tea shop or even on Amazon.


  • Use filtered water
  • Use organic mint tea
  • Use loose tea leaves if possible because there have been recent reports that have shown presence of micro-plastics in store-bought tea bags.


Bring several cups of water to a boil and pull off heat. Fill the cups and/or teapot you plan to use with hot water. Let them stand to warm up.

While your tea water is cooling for just a moment …

  • Crush 1 tsp of mint leaves for each cup of water in the palm of your hand (or use pestle and mortar).
  • Place the crushed leaves into a tea infuser.
  • Empty water from your warming cups and/or teapot.
  • Add the infuser to your cup or tea-pot.
  • Pour hot water over the tea leaves and let steep 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove infuser and enjoy your delicious mint tea.
  • You can add a bit of honey or your favorite sweetener to your tea if you choose to.


If you don’t have an infuser you can add crushed tea leaves directly to heated water and after steeping, pour tea through a small strainer directly into your warmed cup.

Enjoy your comforting cup of tea. 😀

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