The Rock Tumbler called Life


My personal experience has been that people who’ve dealt with the greatest adversities in life, are often the most humble and kind human beings on earth.

Why is that?

I believe it is because…

Life is like a rock tumbler

A rock tumbler?


Bear with me for a moment.

If life is like a rock tumbler, that would make us rocks, right? — But not just any rocks, it makes us precious rocks, geodes.

So, life is the rock tumbler and we are rocks.

Just humor me for another moment. It will make sense — eventually.

Have you ever seen precious rocks before they are cut and polished? What do they look like on the outside?

Notice the outside of this precious rock

When you look at the outside, it looks like an ordinary, rough, black rock. The beautiful inside is hidden until it is cut open.

Until it is cut, you will see just a simple rock. You can’t see the precious gem, nor do you see the jewel it may become one day.

In oder for a rock (or geode) to become a jewel, the rock has to be cut, broken, and polished. The polishing process takes place in a rock tumbler similar to the one below. The inside of the tumbler is lined with sandpaper. The drum rolls, and polishes the rocks over time.

( Picture from Amazon )

The Rock Tumbler Called Life

The way I think of life:

When we are born, we are like rocks. We are simple, plain rocks on the outside but beautiful on the inside. The inside is just not visible yet.

Then life happens.

Life, like a rock tumbler, tosses us about. The rough sandpaper in the tumbler of life is harsh, chafing. The rolling motion throws us into walls and into each other. At times life hurts and sometimes we hurt each other. We might get sore and bruised but we keep tumbling.

As the years go we make mistakes. We may say or do things we regret. Life teaches us lessons and hopefully we learn from them, change, and become better, kinder people. Hopefully the rough exterior of our rock slowly disappears and gradually the beautiful inside is revealed as we gain a deeper understanding of life and people. The longer we tumble, the more polished and shiny we become.

Mistakes and difficult times in life are lessons. Adversity is a chance to gain strength of character, a chance to grow. Hopefully in time we become a better version of ourselves.

If we choose not to allow life to change us, if we choose not to learn from our mistakes, it is like a rock that leaves the tumbler early. That rock, regardless of how beautiful it may be on the inside, the inner beauty won’t have a chance to be seen. It will not be able to shine fully. The rock will essentially stay as it is until life – the tumbler – changes it.

Letting life shape us for the good, will allow our inside to sparkle and shine through. It will reveal the beautiful heart.

So, allow the rock tumbler of life to polish you and become the precious gem you were destined to be — a beautiful jewel, reflecting light in a magical way.