My Top 5 Food Documentaries

Stay alert – informed – healthy

  • What the Health
    • Documentary examines the direct link between diet and disease. It also highlights the profits made by the giant healthcare machine, big pharmaceutical companies and the very profitable food industry.
      • Netflix
  • Forks over Knives
    • Documentary highlights the research that was done, showing the direct link between the rise in popularity of processed food with the skyrocketing, epidemic rise in obesity and chronic modern diseases like diabetes, heart disease and others.
      • Netflix
  • Secret Ingredient
    • Film highlights a family’s plight with various diseases and their return to health after changing their diet.
      • Amazon Prime and DVD
  • Fed Up
    • This eye-opening documentary reveals how dietary guidelines issued by the U.S. government have continuously changed to the detriment of the population, ignoring the role that sugar plays in the epidemic rise of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
      • Amazon Prime
  • What’s with Wheat
    • This documentary examines what is behind the tremendous rise in gluten sensitivity. More and more people have reactions to eating wheat. Why is there a change? What’s behind it?
      • Amazon Prime

One Comment Add yours

  1. kagould17 says:

    Busy lives and processed or fast food diets are not good for anyone. Even the new trend in Veggie replacements for burgers is not healthy. Real ingredients, scratch cooking and moderation are likely the best answers. Other shows of note would be ROTTEN and Explained (not just food) on Netflix. They show that greed is behind most of the trends in foods these days. Cheers. Allan

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