What Chemicals Lurk In Your Products?

Are you safe?

I saw this news article this morning:

School Bus Evacuated Over Axe Body Spray

It made me think of a documentary I watched where exposure to Axe put a boy in the ER.

It’s high time to rethink what we allow our kids to spray all over their bodies 😱😱😱.


The chemicals it takes to make fragrances in our personal care products are considered “trade secrets”. Companies are not required to disclose the ingredients they are using.

Don’t think that the FDA protects you! Only 10% of the products on US store shelves are checked for safety!!!

If you KNEW what chemicals —yes, they are chemicals — if you knew what chemicals you are spraying on your body and even worse, what chemicals kids bathe and wash in — you wouldn’t use them! — We all have to wake up!

I urge you to watch the documentary “STINK “

(On Netflix)

The documentary exposes the chemical industry’s practices.

In the documentary, a single dad, who just lost his wife to breast cancer, notices a strange odor when unpacking his child’s new pajamas. He goes on the hunt, investigating the source of the odor and uncovers potentially toxic secrets of the chemical industry.

He reveals companies and their secret practices.

One of the cases in the documentary is about a teenage boy who is deathly allergic to the body spray Axe. The boy ended up in the ER several times with life-threatening reactions because he was exposed to the body spray Axe. In trying to find out exactly which substance in the spray the boy is allergic to, the parents contacted the makers of Axe. Shockingly, the company will not disclose the list of ingredients in Axe because it is their “trade secret”. AND IT IS PROTECTED as such.


Look at your products. Do a google search on the ingredients listed. Are they safe?

If you see the word fragrance on the list, realize there are NO REGULATIONS that protect you from what is in “fragrance”. A company can put any substance into it, carcinogenic, toxic or otherwise and doesn’t have to reveal the list of ingredients that makes up their “fragrance”.

Think about that!

NOT OKAY WITH ME! How about you?

After realizing that products on our shelves are not proven safe, that profit ranks higher than our safety, I went in search of a company I could trust.

I found ARBONNE. I use and will always use Arbonne. I trust this company and their high standard ingredient policy.

Arbonne will not sell a product unless it is PROVEN SAFE.

Arbonne – The products I trust in my life – on my body. The products I trust my family to use

You HAVE to do your research and find a company you can trust — and you have to look at the list of ingredients of the products you use on your body and especially your children’s bodies.


Don’t be the next cancer case! 🙅🏼‍♀️


School Bus Evacuated Over Axe Body Spray

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