Are your Personal Care Products safe?

I just saw this report by Dr. Mercola. It was another reminder of the statistics that shocked me long ago.

I used to assume that products on the store shelves were safe for us to use. I trusted the FDA and assumed everything sold to us was thoroughly tested for safety. I trusted until I found out that I was wrong.

I was shocked to find out that the great majority (90%) of products are not even checked for safety. !!! Not even checked!!!

I was very upset and I worried about the health and well-being of my family.

I knew I had to do something.

So, I learned to make my own products, creams, face serum, soap, household cleaners and more. This way I knew what was in all the products I used.

At the same time, while I learned to create my own, I also started looking for cleaner, safer products from a company I could trust.

Arbonne Safe
Arbonne Safe

I was thrilled and relieved when I found a company I could trust.

Arbonne’s safe ingredients policy gave me the confidence I needed to trust and use the products for myself and my family.

Arbonne Products

What struck me:

  • In the US only 11 chemicals are banned.
  • Europe has stricter law. They ban over 1300 chemicals.
  • Arbonne bans over 2000 chemicals. If it can’t be proven safe, Arbonne won’t use the ingredient.
Try the Arbonne difference

In the US, a product has to be proven to be harmful before it is taken off the market.

In contrast, Arbonne will not sell a product unless it is proven safe.

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