Mercury in Seafood Weighing Benefit vs Risk

I love seafood and in particular Cod These days we hear much about mercury content in fish. How do we balance the benefits of eating seafood with our need to be cautious when considering the risk? What about Cod? Should we eat it or not? Eating cod has many benefits. Great Source of Omega-3 and…

New Years Resolution

For the new year I promised myself to become better organized in all aspects of my life. I hope my efforts will also be reflected here, on my blog. Two main goals: I hope clear organization will make the reading experience more pleasant. Readers will have a better idea of what to expect next. Living…

Heart Health

Great advice I saw today. I wanted to make sure I pass it on to you. Take good care of your heart. 5 Things you can do to help keep your heart healthy.

Traveling Tuesday

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Even on a foggy winter day, the beauty of nature can’t be denied. Enjoy the Video of the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley

Before & After Workouts

What does your body crave when you work out? Find out how to maximize your efforts with before and after care.