No More Antiperspirant Toxins on My Skin

I used antiperspirants my entire adult life – just like everyone, always trying to smell nice, not sweaty. All that time I assumed things on store shelves were thoroughly tested for safety. We have the FDA of course, so I made the erroneous assumption everything was safe. How clueless I was! I advise you to…

Toxin-Free Life

Anyone who reads this blog is probably aware how I feel about health and toxins in our food, products , and environment. I try my best to lead a healthy, and toxin-free life. For my health For the health of my family For the environment Toxin-Free Life Includes: Food Produce Gardening Meals Whole Food Cooking…

Traveling Tuesday

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Even on a foggy winter day, the beauty of nature can’t be denied. Enjoy the Video of the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley

Before & After Workouts

What does your body crave when you work out? Find out how to maximize your efforts with before and after care.

Inflammation Busters

If you could protect yourself from cancer and other devastating diseases, would you?

Are your Personal Care Products safe?

I just saw this report by Dr. Mercola. It was another reminder of the statistics that shocked me long ago. I used to assume that products on the store shelves were safe for us to use. I trusted the FDA and assumed everything sold to us was thoroughly tested for safety. I trusted until I…