Exercise — Oh no!

Walking – one of the greatest ways to get and stay fit.


Danger Lurks Unseen

The good, the bad, and the ugly truth about toxins in our life… Read more…

Omega 3

Looking to increase heart-healthy Omega 3s?
Find out what to look for.

Herbs and Fairies

Herbs have something mystical about them, almost magical. They all smell divine, and culinary herbs taste delicious and almost all will delight your eyes.

Enjoy every Moment

  “Wake up and smell the roses.” We’ve all heard this before, but how often do we follow that particular advice?     Mindfulness helps us to be calmer, happier & healthier. Life has us rushing through each day to make sure we get all things done on our agenda. Of course, it is important…

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is a sense of well-being through awareness and application of good health practices: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, and Sufficient Sleep. When our daily routine consists of little to no exercise, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, over time our level of health, our body, and our sense of well being changes. Because the changes…